5 Tough Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Car

5 Tough Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Car

Buying your very first car can be a tough decision since it is going to let go of some of your finances. However, it will be a worth the investment once you bought the right car that you are dreaming of. So how is it going to be a worth an investment? Do you know how to make it the best decision you ever made? Then, you need to create or list down questions that you need to ask before you buy a car. This will be your basis to know if you are buying the correct car or not.

What kind of car do you prefer and you need?

The type of car that you need to buy must not be luxurious. It must be the one that suits your needs. If you are a backpacker, you might need to choose SUV that can carry your things on your way. When your job requires a good looking car, then you need to look for something that would fit the job you are in.

How much are you going to spend for a car?

It is still going to be the price of the car that you need to look after. There are too many types of car financing that you can choose. But the standard financing that you should go for is the 3-year term financing. Suddenly if you can’t afford it, then you definitely can’t afford to buy the car. Consider job changes as well can affect your car financing so better think about it. Maybe buying a used car can help.

Do I buy used or a new car?

buy-vs-leasing-carIf I will be asked if I will buy a used car or a brand new car, maybe it depends on my capacity to pay. I think if someone offers me a good used car, I mean just a slightly used car still with good looks, I think I can consider buying it. But I prefer as well buying a brand new one. If so, I need to make sure that I can afford to buy the new one.

Should I just lease a car?

No, don’t ever lease a car. It is paying so much more money than purchasing the car in the beginning. It is better to buy a used car than leasing. Leasing will make you give more money than saving.

Can I live without a car or not?

The car is a good choice if there is no good public transport in your area. It will help you save money in purchasing in cash and saving your finance in the needed maintenance as well. When you get married, choosing one car would be fine to save more.

Those questions are the most important questions that you need to find out before you buy a car. You must know well on what can be suitable for your needs. Your choice should also fit your family so you can travel along without any problems at all.

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Looking to Buy a Used Car? Reasons Why Leasing Might Be Better For You

Looking to Buy a Used Car? Reasons Why Leasing Might Be Better For You

Today, one of the important decisions you have to make when looking for a car is deciding whether to buy or lease a new or used car. Whether to buy or lease largely depends on individual situations and thus, it is imperative to understand which option is the best suited to your needs before walking to a Kansas City Toyota dealer. If you choose to get yourself a used car, you should only consider certified pre-owned cars. Certified pre-owned cars (CPO) are more likely to give you better value for your money because they have undergone a strict manufacturers testing to ensure that they still meet the original manufacturer’s standards.

The CPO cars have a manufacturer’s stamp of approval and come with a limited warranty that gives consumers a peace of mind. Therefore, getting your car from a CPO Kansas City Toyota dealer comes with many benefits including warranties among other special features such as roadside assistance. The cars also tend to have low mileage as they are usually off-lease trade-ins.

Why should you consider leasing certified used Toyota cars?

One of the reasons why leasing is popular is low monthly payments. Leasing a used Toyota car from a reputable Kansas City Toyota deals usually results in monthly payments that are 30 to 60 percent lower than buying the same car. Low monthly payments mean that with leasing you can actually afford to drive a car that you may not normally afford to buy. Another reason why most businesses consider leasing cars is low maintenance. Depending on your lease agreement, you may not have to worry about any major repair costs as manufacturers mostly offer free maintenance for the first couple of years.

Leasing your car also means that you will experience the hassles of used cars. One of the main challenges most used car buyers experience is disposing of the car when they need to get another due to a low value. However, when you lease your car, disposing of your car would not be a problem as you will simply return the car to the Kansas City Toyota leasing company once the lease period is over. With leasing, the value of the car at the end of the agreement is not your problem and thus, you can quickly get another car without worrying what will happen to the car next.

Another reason why leasing is popular is greater flexibility. With leasing, you will have a more choice of cars especially the ones that you would not necessarily buy. Furthermore, leasing a car may be a good idea if you like driving a new car every three or four years as it means that you would not stick with one car for longer than you want.

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Used Car vs. Brand New Car

new-vs-used-carI understand that some people would like to be practical in buying a car. They want cheaper and just something that they can use for their travel. However, the problem is, in the end, they will encounter so many problems on their car that they cannot solve it anymore. It is garbage because every time they travel, there are parts that are not doing okay. This may cause an accident if the car is not repaired or replaced. So in this case, what would be your decision? Are you still going to take the chance on a used car or try to save money for a brand new one?

I think this one can help you decide whether to buy a used car or a brand new one:

When you choose to buy a used car, you can buy it for a less price and lower insurance. Another thing is the car decreases in value, and that is in the 1st two years of ownership. The cars are also built better, and there is less risk that you may encounter than before.

However, that is what you can have for a used car. It can give you more headaches as the day goes by. So by this point, you may think about it already. There could be used cars that can be practical to buy, but be sure that it is going to benefit you more and you know the basic requirements in owning it.

new_vs_usedChoosing a brand new car is the best decision that you should do. The few things that you can consider for a brand new car are the cost, reliability, interest rate, insurance, resale value, not going to be a piece of garbage, cash that you need to take out, gas mileage, and the smell of a brand new car. These are the things that must be considered when buying a brand new car.

It may sound expensive if it is a brand new car that you’ll buy, but it depends on your finance. If you have a better job, then you can go for a brand new one with good sense of financing. But if you can only afford a used car with still a good quality then go for it. You should still make a wise decision in choosing a brand new one or a used car. There are used cars that are a good buy than the new one. It is exactly depending on how the car was used before and how it justifies the price being offered.

So buying a brand new car and a used car can still be a debate. But surely you have now the idea of what to buy. Just a piece of advice, if you have the finance to buy a brand new one, I think it would be the best decision that you can make. It has better insurance, good warranty, and other different additions that you may know from the car dealer. So better approach a dealer now if you are already decided.

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Important Things to Remember When Buying a Car

buying-car-e1419305348340In buying a car, there are certain things that you need to remember, or you need to consider. You need to ensure that you are buying the best car and the most valuable one based on your needs. You must have a checklist of what you need in buying a car, just like what I have below:

Decide your budget

Decide how much will be your budget. This is the basis of the model of the car that you can buy.  It is also important that you have a target budget that you can spend for buying your car.

Know your car dealer

It is important to make sure that you are comfortable in dealing with the car dealer where you are buying the car. The idea that they can look after you even right after signing the check is an awesome thing that can happen in buying the car you need.

Find out a competitive price for a car

For a buyer, competitive price is still important. No one will ever want a high price with the same quality they can get for a lower price. Competitive price means you can get a product with the quality that you need even at a lower price.

Do your research

There is nothing wrong with investigating or doing research about the brand of the car that you want to buy. Researching is just making sure that you are buying the best that you need. It is similar to getting to know someone, but you are doing research online or through the phone. After doing your research, you will probably know if you are choosing the right one or not.

perfect-time-buy-new-carTry more than once or twice test drive

Doing the test drive will help you discover how does a model car can impress you. It will help you determine how it feels to drive and ride in that car. You can even bring with you the whole family on the next test drive to ensure that they are going to feel comfortable when you buy it.

Take your time in making buying decisions

It is better to think a million times before deciding to buy a new car. You might blame yourself for buying quickly after finding out that there are still more competitive and most reliable cars that you can buy. So it is better to take your time in choosing and buying a car. Make sure that you already searched for all the dealers that you need to research, and interviewed them about your requirements in buying a car.

Carefully buying a car is necessary so you can have the best one that you require. There are so many options out there and dealers or salespersons that can help you in deciding what to buy. But always make sure to get the inputs of your family so they can enjoy it more. You and your family are the most important decision makers as well when it comes to car buying.

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7 Amazing Reasons Why People Buy Cars

4813ib7c7425f3b4f9bb5I just wonder why people love to buy cars. For me, my reason for having a car is because this is my first time to buy one for traveling. Mostly, people buy a car because they frequently travel and they need a car for their convenience. You can save money, and you can go anytime that you want. There could be some downsides to having a car, but it depends on how you own and handle it. Just to give you other thoughts about why other people buy a car, below are the seven amazing reasons why people buy cars.

  1. Want to try a different brand of car.

There are people who just want to try a different brand of car that is why they are buying one. They think it is cool to have a different brand of a car each month or every quarter and it is going to catch other people’s attention. They also feel more confident when they have a different brand of car again.

  1. To avoid the hassle in renting a car.

It is truly a hassle renting a car whenever you need to travel. That is the main reason why people choose to buy their car rather than renting one. It is going to be more convenient when you own a car than renting again and again when you frequently travel. It is wiser to buy one than renting.

  1. Privacy in traveling.

buying-a-car-2When you rent a taxi or any passenger vehicle, there is no privacy anymore when you travel. Since there will be a driver who will be driving it, which you don’t know, you can’t just discuss any personal matters when they are around. You need to be very careful in telling stories about yourself.

  1. An executive that needs a car.

If you are an executive, it is better to own a car. That is also because you need to look cool and respectable whenever you need to face your people and other co-executives. Though taxis can be better, it is still good that you drive your car, so when you need to go on long travel, there is no hassle in doing so.

  1. You want an investment.

Having a car is also an investment. When you are in a financial emergency, your car can be your savior. You can sell your car and use the money for the emergency. At least this is something that you use for those kinds of urgent situations.

  1. Their old car is not getting any younger.

car_buyingWhen your car is not the same anymore, and there are more repairs that you need to do, then it is time to change the car. This is one of the main reasons why people buy a car. It is more practical to change the whole car than just replacing the parts.

  1. Your family is growing, and the car you own does not fit anymore.

This is maybe something that your family should be prepared for. Growing family can no longer fit a car that has only 4-5 capacities. When your family needs to travel, there could be baggage and other stuff that you need to carry so absolutely, you need to look for a car that fits your growing family.

Those were just some of the reasons why people buy cars. It could be personal, or it can be because of your job. Nonetheless, it is still practical to own a car for your convenience and of course for traveling purposes. You can always have your privacy and unlimited time in traveling.

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