The Top 5 Car Audio Brands

Would you like to know the top 5 car audio brands that can guarantee quality and a good buy? Well then, here below are the top 5 car audio brands that you can review and choose what will suit your taste. They have been on the market for a couple of years now, but it is still up to if how you make a good judgment in choosing the best brand for your car audio. I would love to listen to music whenever I travel in my car so it is good to have a car audio that can make me relax when I’m in my car.

The top 5 car audio brands are the following:

  1. JVC

jvc-kd-r840btJVC is based in Japan and already build a good reputation when it comes to premium equipment. Even the brand is not the biggest one it still provides exceptional best value for your money. You can depend on this car audio brand when you put it in your car for pleasure.

  1. Sony

Sony is the most noticeable and one of the top brands when it comes to car stereo brand. They always come out with a good technology and the new products that you should never miss. Their scores from the reviews are always high ranking due to their top selling products.

  1. Blaupunkt

Bose based in Germany manufactures the Blaupunkt car audio stereo. The car audio is smooth, and the controls are so amusing. It could be necessary to read the manual for the functions of the controls that you find in the car audio. But the tones coming out of the speakers are amazing and good to listen to.

  1. Clarion

Clarion becomes well-known because of its digital audio system that is intended for cars. Though it is a beginner, they can already be compared to other car audio brands. As they already stand out because of the technology that they have created for a car audio.

  1. Kenwood

big_dpx300uKenwood is great not only in the car audio field, but also with the multimedia approach. It has the DVD and the GPS with speakers that can produce a great listening experience. That would be a different level of car entertainment that you would experience in your car.

Those are the top 5 car audio brands that you can choose and can guarantee quality and a good buy.

But then how to choose the right one? When you are inside your car and need to travel a long way, car audio is the answer to boredom and for staying awake. The car stereo or car audio can make you feel awake every time you listen to a groovy music. The good quality sound that it produces can help in making you awake the whole time that you are driving, so it is important that you have chosen the right brand that you need. You can do more research if in case that you are not convinced yet, but I can tell you that one brand stands out among them.

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Car Audio Amplifiers – Bad or Good?

Car amplifiers help to boost the sound of your car speakers. They improve the quality of the sound and also enable you to hook up more speakers. It is important to buy the right car amplifier to avoid the cost of replacement. Thousands of car amplifiers are available in the market. This makes it difficult to choose the best. A sound judgment is required before making the purchase. You need to buy an amplifier that is of good sound and one that will last for a long time. The amplifier should be compatible with your system and with the sound that you need.


What to Look for in an Amplifier

Knowing what you need will help you to choose the best amplifier. Highlighted below are some guidelines to help you choose the best car amplifier from the many that exist in the market.

1. Number of Channels

Channels refer to the number of speakers that you can hook up to one unit. Different amplifiers have different number of channels. A mono amp only has one channel whereas a stereo amp is a two channel amp. It can be connected to two speakers. Multi channel amps range have two to six channels. However, they require a lot of space for their installation. They are also large in size.

2. Power output

This refers to the amount of power that your car amplifier can release. Ensure that you get the most sound out of your speaker. To get the best, choose an amp that can give out 75% of the total output.

3.Size of the Amplifier.

Buy an amplifier that will fit where you want it to fit. It is difficult for big amplifiers to fit under the seat. With new technology, tiny amplifiers like the Hertz HDP4 have been created. Though small, they still have a higher out put.


Get an amp that has a warranty. A good warranty provides cover for the speakers damage if the wiring was done correctly. You should however buy your amp from an authorized dealer because some car manufacturers will require you to buy from an authorized dealer before they can honor your warranty. You are are supposed to verify that the dealer is authorized by the manufacturers to avoid future inconveniences.

5. Amplifier wiring.

It is also important to check the wiring of your amp. Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) is the best. However, it is expensive because of the escalating price of copper. Because cooper is a better conductor of electricity compared to aluminum, OFC is of a better quality compared to Copper Clad Aluminum kits (CCA)


Car amplifiers are meant to ensure that all the car’s speakers or sub woofers are well powered. This improves the sound quality of the system. However, the sound quality can be poor if the amp is not well powered. Wrong wiring can also shorten the ‘life span’ of you amp. Ensure that you consider the guidelines discussed above before you go shopping for a new amp. Good judgment will give you something that will last for long. To learn more about Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, or Pioneer just go to Car Audio Logic.

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